PA Mortgage Pros Customer Testimonials

New York mortgage

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for all of your work with my refinance. Every expectation you set was spot on and every was promise was delivered. I was exceptionally pleased with the whole process and you were great to work with. I chose you initially because you by far had the best rates. I wasn't expecting a lot on the service side because of the low cost but the attention received was first class and exceptional. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any point.

I hope you had a great holiday and I was wish you the best in the New Year!”

Rob Kuzniacki

My wife and myself would like to thank you for everything that you put into making this purchase go as smoothly as possible.  You were very accessible, knowledgeable, and really pushed through all the way to the end. We thank you!!!”

Love, The Wilsons

I remember the first time I spoke with Christine Thierry at PA Mortgage Pros in my search to find someone to listen to our financial scenario and inquire about getting a mortgage loan. I just happened to come across the website and figured why not ask. I really anticipated nothing much to come of it. But, she said to me "If I can't get you a mortgage loan then nobody can". I appreciated her confidence in that statement. I had spent months reaching out to others, trying to explain our situation and each time was turned down and discouraged by the fact that they would shoot me down right away and not hear me out. Our situation was far from perfect. Husband worked construction causing a major decrease in income when the economy dropped off. We had to file bankruptcy because we could no longer afford everything including our home. Our mortgage was included in the bankruptcy and we left the home. The bankruptcy was discharged in 2011. The home went to sheriff sale Aug 2014. I worked to rebuild our credit scores as much as possible and do everything right like re-establishing credit after the bankruptcy and saving money for a down payment. Even so, I was getting no help from anyone else. Christine took our information and guided us through the process. We got a pre-approval and found a home. There were ups and downs during the process including a denial from FHA after we thought we were in the clear. She didn't hesitate to go out and find a new lender the same day the denial from FHA came. I appreciated her persistence and we were able to secure a new conventional lender that was willing to do the loan. There were many back and forth requests from the lender for documents. Christine kept everything organized and on point. She followed up on it frequently to make sure things were going in the right direction and we obtained the mortgage commitment and clear to close from the lender. We are so happy with our decision to use Christine and PA Mortgage Pros. She has given us the ability to move forward again and be able to purchase a home despite everything in our history. She is very knowledgeable and has the experience to get it done. We would recommend her to all our friends and family and anyone out there who has a less then perfect financial situation.

Thank you so much! You helped change our life for the better.”

Christy & Matt McNeal

The loan process with Christine and her team from the beginning to the end was flawless. Christine is easy to reach, and will explain and ease your mortgage loan fears. She will explain any scenario to you and answer your questions or any concerns you may have in less than 24 hours. She wants to find you the best interest rate loan at the lowest cost that is out there. She has integrity, is detail oriented, and accurate and on time with all loan documentation. There is no delay with anything she does. This has been my best experience refinancing a mortgage loan to date.

I recommend her company to anybody looking for a straight forward, low cost, and low interest rate loan that is better than what any bank or mortgage broker has to offer in Pennsylvania. The low cost title company she uses alone will save you hundreds of dollars in fees, and not to mention she will close your loan at your place of business and it can even be your home. Very satisfied customer."

Josh Bella, York County, PA

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to make this possible. We really appreciate what you have done for us on a tight schedule. Looking forward to the new house for many years to come.”

Alex, Mariya, Emily, Anna

Service is impeccable! I went with their services back in April of 2006 for a refinance and had a wonderful experience. Then my husband and I decided to sell our home in November. Just as before, Allegiance was able to give me the lowest closing cost and interest rates I could find. They were also prompt with my requests and even though they are three hours away from me, the closing couldn't have gone any smoother. We are so happy to have found our broker and have already recommended her to several of our friends in the area!"

B Cincotta

Outstanding Customer Service, Compatable with the Digital Age! Christine worked with us to find a lender, that quite frankly, shocked me with how low their interest rate and terms were for our situation. We were given honest information and complete cooperation. We found it extremely helpful to be able to utilize the webportal for the exchange of important documentation needs. Our seller was located in Utah, so between the miles and time difference it could have been a disaster to get a closing completed. We (both seller and buyer) were able to upload our assembled documentation requirements to the same place at our convenience. Any required deadlines were clearly posted and we didn't have to schedule a thing. Sincere thanks and wishes for continued success to Allegiance Mortgage Services, you couldn't have been easier to work with!"

Dan Peterson
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Great service and flexibility. We were purchasing a very unique home, a converted barn. This posed a lot of challenges, along with the fact that has a past home buyer I wanted to do some of the legwork myself in order to get the best value all-around. Christine worked with me 100% to get past the challenges of a unique property. She would always step up to the plate and do any work I asked her to do but was also willing to let me take the reigns when I thought it best. Will absolutely call again for the next purchase and recommend her to anyone."


Great mortgage to work with when time is of the essence. Because of our situation (rebuilding our home after a devastating fire), not many mortgage brokers would even talk to me regarding a construction loan on a property where the construction was already in progress. Christine worked with me to facilitate the process and find a way to get the loan done as soon as possible. Because of her resourcefulness, we were able to get the loan we wanted and keep our project on track. The reconstruction was done a week ahead of time and we were able to move back home for the Christmas holidays, less than 6 months after the fire. Thanks!"

Chuck H.Home